Jovic Accounting

Jovic Accounting was a small accounting firm located in Geelong. Over the years, owner Renee worked hard to establish Jovic Accounting as a reliable firm in the services of accounting, taxation, business support, wealth management and property investment services.

The Challenge

As all accountants and their administration teams would understand, the steps required to process, check and distribute ATO documents manually can be very time-consuming and tedious. Renee’s admin staff were no exception to this, taking a number of steps to complete the processing of just one ATO document. For Jovic Accounting, this often involved (1) manually sorting the documents into batches, (2) manually checking them against the estimations in the Reckon Practice Management System, (3) manually blocking out the client’s Tax File Number, before finally (4) sending the documents onto each client one-by-one. A long and time-consuming task!


The Solution

After a few conversations with the team at BAW, it became quickly obvious to Renee that it was time for her business to automate the processing of ATO documents.

Once ATOmate was set up at Jovic Accounting, the steps and time taken to process these documents reduced dramatically. ATOmate has the ability to automatically process, check and distribute over 200 ATO documents at once.


The Results

The results speak for themselves – ATOmate is the ultimate time saver for Jovic Accounting. It now takes less than 10 minutes to process over 200 ATO documents, which is a daily task that once used to take over an hour to complete.

Not only is ATOmate a time saver, it has improved the type and quality of work that Renee’s staff are completing as well as eliminating a very repetitive and tedious task almost completely.


Note: Jovic Accounting is now part of Mulcahy & Co. Geelong.

ATOmate is the ultimate time saver for our business! We have cut the time taken to process ATO document by almost 90%. The team at BAW have been fantastic to deal with.


Renee –  Former Owner | Jovic Accounting