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Two years ago, our practice made the informed decision to incorporate ATOmate into our technology stack. This decision aimed to address the growing need to reduce administrative time spent on processing ATO mail.

The Challenge

Before ATOmate, our team faced significant challenges with the manual processing of ATO mail. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors, impacting our overall efficiency and delaying communications with our clients. Moreover, ensuring data security, especially handling Tax File Number (TFN) sensitive information, was a major concern.


The Solution

Our decision to choose ATOmate was based on a collaborative “we” approach. ATOmate demonstrated a clear understanding of our data security requirements and worked closely with us to implement informed practices for processing ATO mail. Key features of ATOmate that influenced our decision included:


  1. Data Security: ATOmate’s robust data security measures assured us that our clients’ sensitive information would be protected. Its ability to redact TFN sensitive information provided an additional layer of security
  2. Efficiency: ATOmate offers over 200 templates to explain the attached ATO documents we issue to clients, streamlining our communication process.
  3. Continuous Improvement: ATOmate continuously strengthens its value proposition, ensuring it evolves to support our practice, clients, and community effectively.


The Implementation

Partnering with ATOmate, we integrated its system into our workflow seamlessly. The collaboration ensured that all security protocols were met and that our team was well-trained to use the new system effectively.


    The Results

    Since integrating ATOmate, we have achieved significant improvements:

    • Reduction in Processing Time: The time spent processing ATO mail has decreased dramatically, allowing our team to focus on more value-added tasks.
    • Proactive Client Communication: Enhanced efficiency has enabled us to increase proactive communications with our clients, improving client satisfaction and engagement.
    • Peace of Mind: With ATOmate’s security features, we have peace of mind knowing our clients’ data is protected.

    Incorporating ATOmate into our technology stack has transformed our practice by improving efficiency, enhancing data security, and enabling better client communication. ATOmate’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures it remains a valuable partner in supporting our practice, our clients, and the broader community

    Since partnering with ATOmate we have reduced ATO mail processing time significantly and increased proactive communications with our client base. Partnering with ATOmate gives us peace of mind that our clients data is protected with its ability to redact TFN sensitive information and that ATOmate continuously strengthens its value proposition to support our practice, our clients, and the community”

    Liz Shimmin – CTO | Bluebird Accounting