Navigating the New Postal Era of ATO Document Delivery

Mar 25, 2024


Are You Still Relying on Australia Post to Deliver ATO Documents?

With Australia Post ending daily letter deliveries due to the decline in letters being mailed, the reliability of postal mail for receiving and delivering ATO documents has come into question. Postal mail will now be received every other day.

Accounting practices need to look at alternative, more efficient ways of receiving and communicating essential ATO notifications and statements.


The Impact of Australia Post’s Changes

If your practice currently relies on receiving postal mail from the ATO this will have an impact on how promptly you receive and process ATO notifications and statements for your clients.

Crucial ATO documents may arrive 3-5 days late, meaning clients could miss their debt obligations if the due dates pass before the documents are received. 

Additionally, the bulk arrival of paper ATO documents having to be manually processed add to the inefficiency in your practice and delays in communicating with clients.


  • Immediate access to ATO documents – no more waiting for the mail

With ATOmate, there’s no reliance on postal delivery schedules, providing assurance of timely access to ATO notifications and statements without delays.

ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automatically capture ATO documents overnight from the ATO ensuring they are readily available to you in the morning.

    • Efficiency and simplicity – streamlining admin tasks and saving time

    ATOmate streamlines your process of receiving ATO documents. With a simple and easy to use platform ATO documents are captured, processed, checked, distributed to clients and filed in your document management system.

    • Communication options to suit your clients – not limited to postal mail

    You are not limited to one method of communicating ATO correspondence to your clients. With ATOmate you can choose the way you communicate with your clients, with a range of communication options, including email, post, portal, email with a secure PIN code, or mobile app.


    Future of ATO Document Management with ATOmate

    The changing landscape of postal services calls for a re-evaluation of reliance on traditional postal mail for ATO document delivery.  ATOmate presents an opportunity to ensure the reliable and efficient receiving of ATO documents by you and timely communication to your clients, book a discovery meeting today. 

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