Boost Your Practice by Focusing on Advice

Mar 1, 2023

boost your practice by focusing on advice


If you’re running an accounting practice, chances are you’re busy with compliance work. Lodging returns, sorting through historical data, and meeting deadlines can take up a lot of your time. However, your clients are likely looking for more than just compliance.

Do your clients want you to help them grow their businesses? *


Forward Thinking Solutions Go Beyond Compliance Work

To build your practice you need to adopt forward-thinking solutions.

And so does your client.

You have the skills and experience to give your clients the right advice. But if you keep getting caught up in compliance work you won’t be able to focus on those value-added services that can take your clients’ businesses to the next level.

One way to free up time to focus on advice is to automate your processes.


Automate Your Processes

Automate your processes so you can focus on building client relationships and providing those vital value-added services.

With the right automation processes the basics are taken care of and you have the time to give your clients more. More advice. More proactive support. More strategies for real growth.

These are the premium services that clients are willing to pay a premium for. This means that focusing on growing their business is the way you grow your own practice.


Start with ATOmate

For a quick win solution start with ATOmate.

ATOmate takes care of some of the most tedious, time-consuming requirements of compliance work: ATO documentation. By implementing ATOmate into your practice the time spent on ATO documentation is reduced by as much as 90%, freeing up your time to focus on advice and value-added services.

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*Wolters Kluwer report – 22-23 Tax Season Challenges Report Insights which indicates clients want more advice services)

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