Join The Accountants Embracing Automation

Dec 12, 2022

Join the accountants embracing automation


Small to medium-sized accounting firms have been quick to understand and embrace the value of automation through accounting apps over the last year.

According to the Practice Protect 2022 Accounting Cloud Apps Report automation is growing fast as accountants understand the value of, increasing productivity, and the capacity for automation to help compensate for staffing issues. This has led to a 55% increase in practice apps being used by accounting firms over the past year, with automation seeing the largest uptake.

When you understand the real value of automation, you’ll embrace it too.


Automation Increases Productivity

Practices want a productive accounting team with high billable hours.

Tedious, yet essential tasks such as filing, sorting mail, checking emails, quality control, scanning documents, and other admin tasks, are significant time drains that are difficult to charge for.

By utilising automation to take over a large portion of these tasks, you free up your team to concentrate on compliance work, generating more billable hours.


Automation Increases the Opportunity to Provide Value-Added Services

While clients are happy to pay for compliance work, there is an even higher value in providing proactive, value-added services. These services can often be charged at a premium price, significantly increasing your turnover.

The right automation tool reduces the burden on your team, in particular your admin staff. This can mean they are free to potentially handle simple compliance tasks. In turn, this frees up your professional staff to provide more value-added services.


Automation Helps Compensate for Staffing Issues

Over the past year many accounting firms have struggled to find and retain quality staff. It’s clear, automation is the key to overcoming this issue by taking on a large portion of time consuming, yet essential tasks.

When you reduce the manual workload, you’ll also have the opportunity to fully utilise existing staff and focus on training and upskilling them.


The growth of ATOmate

Unsurprisingly ATOmate is one of the top three fastest-growing accounting practice apps.

This is because it does exactly what automation needs to do. It takes over a large portion of those time-consuming, non-chargeable tasks: client correspondence, filing, and sorting out ATO paperwork. It’s a quick and easy way to give your accounting firm the staffing boost it needs.


Join the Accountants Embracing Automation

It’s time to increase your billable hours!
Make the smart move and join the accountants who are embracing automation.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • increase productivity,
  • free up staff to focus on providing premium services that clients are happy to pay top dollar for, and
  • compensate for staffing issues.

Overall, the simple fact is that automation gives you the opportunity to reduce the burden on your team while increasing your revenue.

With ATOmate offering a way to automate ATO correspondence, it’s no surprise that it is one of the top three fastest-growing accounting apps. ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automate the processing, checking, and distribution of ATO documents, reducing ATO document processing time by 90% and saving you time.

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