Start Your Automation Process Before the New Year with These Easy Steps

Nov 30, 2022

ATO document automation process for accountants


The festive season is a time to unwind and celebrate with your family. To make this break even better you can look forward to returning to work refreshed and embracing new processes that make your day-to-day workload less tedious. How? By looking at automation processes now.

Automation can do a lot for your accounting practice. The right automation processes will save you time and free your staff to focus on more challenging and value-added tasks. We know implementing these changes can seem daunting and this makes it tempting to put off starting the process.

The good news is there are some very simple steps to get you started so you and your team are ready to focus on the improvements automation can bring:


1. Get Your Team On Board

One of the most challenging things about implementing change is getting your team to embrace the change instead of resisting it. But there is a solution.

People own what they help create. This means it will be much easier to implement automation processes if you get your team to buy in from the start.

A quick ten-minute team meeting will open an avenue for them to let off steam about the tasks they find repetitive, boring, time-consuming, low value, or error-prone. Invite them to brainstorm on the value that automation will bring and identify the areas that will improve their work life. When your team has helped nominate the avenues for automation, they generate essential enthusiasm to kick-start the process of bringing in automation.


2. Nominate Someone to Lead the Charge

Giving someone the responsibility to champion automation is a good way to ensure the necessary changes get done.

The leader needs to be dedicated to seeing the whole process through. This could be you, or it may be someone you nominate. Either way, that person needs to have full backing from management, access to resources, and adequate support to get the job done.

For larger or more significant projects, you may need to nominate additional responsibilities and work closely with the team to set deadlines and progress reviews.


3. Look for the Quick Wins

Review your existing processes to prioritise the quick wins.

An easy quick win that requires minimal effort involves booking a discovery meeting with ATOmate to start the automation process for you and your team. Book now to get a meeting in December or January, ensuring your automation process can start in the new year.

As you experience the benefits of these quick wins, you’ll see the value of implementing new automation.


These Simple Steps Will Get Your Automation Process Started Now

  • Get your team on board. A team that is eager for automation will boost the change.
  • Identify the person leading the charge. Someone who has responsibility from start to finish, and is fully supported by management, will see the project through to completion.
  • Lock in a quick win. Book a discovery meeting today to automate your ATO document management process and reduce your ATO document processing time by up to 90%!

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