How to solve your staff retention concerns

Oct 16, 2022

 Attracting and retaining good workers is hard. In fact, it’s so hard that 93%* of accounting firms are challenged by staffing requirements. But how do we fix this?

While we know that everyone wants better pay and more people are looking for flexible work opportunities, there is an even more important factor.

Workers want a fulfilling job.

They want to feel like they’re making an important contribution and they want to be doing something that keeps them engaged. When they’re spending a large percentage of their waking hours working, they need a work environment that allows them to grow and keeps them stimulated.


The solution: Give your staff more engaging, enjoyable, and fulfilling work.

Providing staff with a truly enriching work life makes them feel more valued, respected, and connected to their job. This ensures you become an attractive firm for potential employees and a business with a team of people who want to stay.

Unfortunately, admin requirements can involve tedious tasks that no one wants to do.

Become a firm that ensures your employees are no longer bogged down with these mind-numbing tasks. Free up their time to focus on work that gives them satisfaction.

The challenge in accounting practices is that many task-oriented jobs are essential.


How Automation Can Help

With multiple tools available to automate monotonous tasks, your team can devote their time to a more meaningful workload.

Automation comes with many direct benefits. It reduces manual errors, improves productivity, and increases client communication opportunities. This has an even more important indirect benefit: It allows you to give your employees a work environment that provides them with genuine opportunities to provide meaningful contributions to their organisation.

While there are many automation solutions that can be utilised, one of the most time-consuming tasks for any accounting firm is dealing with ATO documents. This is where ATOmate helps you.


Automate ATO document processing with ATOmate 

ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automate the processing, checking and distribution of ATO documents. This reduced the tedious task of ATO document processing time by 90%.

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