New ATO integration revolutionises client communication for accountants

Oct 28, 2021

  • The ATO have been working directly with digital service providers to support the move to digital-only communication;
  • Innovative, Australian tech company the latest to provide ATO-authorised direct integration with comprehensive, automated solution to ATO document management;
  • Transforms ATO client communication processes for accountants

The ATO has been focused on its shift to paperless communication over the past year, working closely with Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) to develop a range of solutions that overcome the hurdles of moving to digital-only communications with advisers and clients.

Digital service providers are required to undertake a rigorous certification process to meet the ATO’s strict integration requirements.

Innovative technology platform ATOmate have recently completed the certification process and are the first provider to develop a specific solution to assist accountants in managing their client communication.

Developed by Australian-based company Business Automation Works, the ATOmate platform automates the collection, processing, and distribution of all ATO correspondence.

Now, the platform’s fully compliant and certified integration with the ATO revolutionizes the document management process for accountants and administrative teams alike.

Revolutionising ATO document processing

Previously a practice would receive client correspondence from the ATO via multiple communication channels: post, email, downloading from practice mailboxes, or downloading copies of documents sent directly to a client’s myGov account, before processing those manually and sending them on to clients.

The new ATO-approved integration allows ATOmate to automatically access all ATO correspondence, including but not limited to Notices of Assessment, BAS and PAYG documents, notifications and client account updates, regardless of whether those have been distributed by email, post, myGov account, or practice mailbox.

Those documents are then automatically processed within the ATOmate platform, cross checked against practice and document management data, and client-ready correspondence is prepared for the advisor or administrator to simply review, adjust where discrepancies are found, and send directly on to clients.

Already boasting comprehensive practice and document management integrations designed to leverage a practice’s existing technology, the direct ATO integration means even less time and input is needed by accounting advisers and administration teams and allows important ATO correspondence to get to clients faster.

The platform reduces ATO document processing time by over 90%, streamlining the management of ATO documentation and removing the potential for human error by automatically redacting personal TFN data, and flagging discrepancies. The new integration is set to slash that processing time even further.

Accountants can focus on proactive client communication

Stan Corner, CEO of Business Automation Works, the company behind ATOmate, says it’s vital that practices prepare themselves for the ATOs shift towards digital-only communication.

“The ATO has committed to change, so it’s time to get set and implement the processes and solutions that will ensure your practice is ready for that switch to digital communication with minimal disruption to your team members, and most importantly – to your clients,” Mr Corner says.

“That’s why we’re very excited to have been working with the ATO to make it even easier for accountants to receive, process, and distribute those important client notifications in the most effective way possible,” Mr Corner says.

“With the ATO now signing off and approving our integration, practices can securely streamline the communications coming from the ATO.

“This integration gives advisors complete confidence that they will never miss a communication from the ATO, enabling them to review ATO matters and connect with their clients faster than ever before,” Mr Corner says.

“That’s going to greatly assist those practices who want to be digital and who want to be proactive in communicating with their clients, which in turn is going to improve client satisfaction and those all-important relationships, and that is what matters.”

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