Xero accounting practices can now automate their end-to-end ATO document processing with latest Connected App partner

Nov 16, 2020

Cloud-based automation platform ATOmate fully integrates with Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and WorkflowMax to streamline ATO document management.

ATO documents account for a large portion of incoming correspondence for accounting firms, and between cross-checking details and removing sensitive client data (eg Tax File Numbers) ahead of distribution, there’s a huge administrative burden involved in processing and managing ATO correspondence. It’s a high-stakes task – fail to pick up a variance between your estimate and the issued Notice of Assessment and could be in for an awkward conversation with your client, or mistakenly forget to redact a TFN and potentially face having to alert your entire client base of a potential data breach.

Thankfully, Xero practices can now automate their ATO document processing from receipt to distribution, thanks to one of the newest Connected App partners, ATOmate.

ATOmate is a cloud-based platform that automates the processing, checking, and distribution of ATO correspondence including Notices of Assessment, Statements of Account, and more. Stan Corner, CEO of ATOmate, says the integration can reduce ATO document processing time by 90%.

“There are a host of other tasks your administrative and accounting teams aren’t able to direct their attention to, engaging with clients directly with value -add services, or conducting sales and marketing activities to support your business’ growth, because they’re bogged down in repetitive administrative processes.”

“We’re particularly excited by the time-savings cloud-based practices will be able to realise, given the integrations we have with document management providers, enabling the entire ATO correspondence process to be automated from start to finish,” Mr Corner said.

Given ATO document processing is a cumbersome task prone to human error, the capabilities provided by ATOmate are a game-changer for cloud-based accounting businesses. By leveraging existing client data in XPM and cloud document management systems, practices will be able to completely transform this key business process and give staff back the time they need to proactively engage with clients.

Integrating with a firm’s practice and document management platform, ATOmate will sort correspondence arriving from mail and the ATO tax agent portal, cross-check the data against your estimate, and then either automatically send it to the client through the method of your choosing (email, mail, portal) or flag it for review, depending on rules you set. You manage the entire process from a cloud-based dashboard where you specify approval routes, variance tolerance, and correspondence options.

For Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax users who also use an integrated document management platform such as Suitefiles, HowNow, FYI, Nimbus and others, ATOmate reduces double handling by automatically filing the correspondence and ATO documents back into the DM system. Cloud-based practices are then able to access a complete snapshot of the data from anywhere.

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