Be a proactive firm by managing ATO correspondence effectively

Nov 14, 2022


Be a proactive accounting practice

You’re a busy tax practice. This means you provide vital advice and compliance services. It also means you get a lot of ATO correspondence coming your way.

While you’re busy doing the key work, ATO mail keeps coming. You can either bog down yourself or your administration staff with the paperwork and it ends up being a low-priority task.

But the ATO mail keeps coming. Notifications. Updates. Debt reminders. Overdue notices, amongst others. Importantly should you or your clients fail to act this will create more reminders and the volume of documents will escalate.


Less paperwork also means providing a better client service

You can reduce the amount of paperwork by managing your ATO mail effectively. This means being proactive in helping clients manage their debts and helping clients understand ATO communication.

Some ATO mail is unavoidable. But clients can be confused by notifications that aren’t clearly explained. If they contact you to explain it, or they don’t act on it, this just ends up taking even more of your time. You can resolve this by improving the way you communicate.

You have the power to reduce unnecessary ATO correspondence by proactively helping clients stay on top of their obligations.

Being proactive reduces your workload but it can be tedious.

It means prioritising paperwork, sorting, writing, checking, planning, and communicating clearly with clients. In turn, effectively managing documentation enables you to provide a valuable client service through a proactive approach, while also minimising your volume of ATO correspondence.

We know it’s difficult to manage. It’s monotonous and can be a distraction from the central work. This makes it way too easy to slip back into old habits that cycle back to leaving you overwhelmed with paperwork.

That’s where automation is a game changer.

Automation offers you a way to be proactive while also reducing the time you spend managing paperwork.


Automate ATO document processing

ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automate the processing checking and distribution of ATO documents, reducing ATO document processing time by 90% and saving you time.

By managing ATO correspondence effectively your clients can stay on top of their obligations and the amount of ATO mail that comes through your firm is reduced. This means you’re providing a valuable, proactive service to your clients and you’re minimising your paperwork at the same time.

Your firm is now in a better position all round. Reduced paperwork. Improved communications. And more valuable in the eyes of the client.

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